Nursery School - Creche Pretoria East
Nethania Kleuterskool Pretoria Oos 

We are a lovely preschool academy in the Pretoria East area with passionate staff, incredible variety of study material / toys and a terrific space for toddlers to play and explore. We are also conveniently located near Tygerpoort Primary School, Curro Hazeldean, Tyger Valley and CVO school and easy and safe to drop your toddlers off in the morning and afternoon.

We accept babies and toddlers in the Pretoria East area, including: Boschkop, Zwavelpoort, Hazeldean, Silver Lakes, Wilgers, Wapadrand, Olympus, Equestria, Lynnwood, Shere, Tygerpoort, Tigers Valley, Mooikloof, Silverstream, Rayton, Cullinan.

We already existed in 2006 and developed during this period from a nursery school to a baby and preschool academy with excellent reputation and success rate. We are more than a daycare center or kindergarten and we can proudly say that children are part of our school family. Here our staff daily stand in for every child's mom and dad who is at work. Every toddler becomes like our own and there is always enough hugs, encouragement, guidance, ears to listen and love when it is needed. We do not have numbers in our school, just children with names! Toddlers are always supervised by staff, who all have a Netcare911 First Aid Qualification. With a staff-to-child ratio of 1 to 5, we ensure our children's individual attention.

We are always excited to meet our future parents, and for this we have made special space from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 11:00 or 14:00 to 17:00.

Do you want to know how big our playground is or what our learning program consists of?

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Our approach
Creche / nursery school is a time for toddlers to cherish their love for learning and to broaden their general knowledge as well as their interest in their environment.

During the first five years of a toddler's life, their thinking patterns are created, which is extremely important for the brain's processing speed of information - a skill that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Our school's excellent staff-to-child ratio allows us to pay special attention to this.

Our daily feedback program ensures that both parents and teachers always know what's happening in your toddler's life.

At Nethania - Baby and Preschool Academy Pretoria East we understand that although a toddlers progress and transition from creche / nursery school to primary school is the goal of kindergarten, it is equally important to stimulate free play and imagination flights. The integration of this with academics are therefore one of our main focus points.

Your child is spending an average of 45 to 55 hours a week with us, so we take our responsibility very seriously.
We are big on space

At a time when most of us live in complexes, space has become a very valuable commodity. Children rarely get the opportunity to play outside and even, in some cases, to feel the grass under their bare feet, so we provide nature, wide open spaces and wildlife inside the city. 

Nethania Baby to Preschool Academy in Pretoria East is located right next to a reserve, where our animal-friends live. Some of the animals that can be seen from the playground includes kudu, blesbokke, impala, banded mongoose, a caracal, barn owls and a fish eagle. 

We have a large playground designed on an open plan basis. The area is 1180m² in size and includes 450m² of sandpit. This allows constant monitoring and supervision. In addition to the 105m bikes and bicycle track for our toddlers, we also have bunnies, peacocks, chickens and a turkey roaming free near the playground.

On cold or rainy days we have an indoor open plan play area of 200m², without barriers / walls, where our toddlers are constantly supervised.

Our buildings have ample safety glass that allows natural light and creates natural air flow. Different classes on the ground floor can be consolidated to form a large room of approximately 160m², with heating if the weather prevents us from playing outside for more than one day. Our baby room is northern facing providing little ones with a lovely sunny and warm play area on cold winter days.

As we are only 10km from the corner of Hans Strijdom and Lynnwood, we are easily accessible from the following areas: Pretoria East, Silver Lakes, Hazeldean, Wilgers, Wapadrand, Olympus, Equestria, Lynnwood, Shere, Zwavelpoort , Tygerpoort, Tyger Valley, Tierpoort, Mooikloof, Boschkop, Silverstreams, Waterlake Farm, Rayton and Cullinan.
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Our learning program in a nutshell  

Our learning program is based on the old curriculum, and our education model's success is well received and highly acclaimed.
Every toddler gets individual attention. On rotation each toddlers help a teacher with daily preparation where possible and then gets the opportunity to help friends when needed.

Discipline is maintained to ensure that all children are safe and that effective teaching takes place on a daily basis.
With our supporting staff we assist parents in raising their children. The best way of learning is to give toddlers the chance to "try themselves" or to "show us how". If a toddler can recall and implement what they have learned, they have mastered the assignment. A healthy balance is maintained between play and learning.

From 1 to 5 years old, thought patterns are fixed and a child's brain processing speed is achieved through imagination and fantasy play, which stimulates small motor development. We try to teach our toddlers as we were taught, independence and responsibility combined with a loving, supportive home atmosphere where every toddler feels safe and special.

The curriculum is such that each child can learn at his or her own pace without putting unnecessary stress on the toddler or parent. Rules are strictly enforced to ensure that no toddler is disadvantaged.
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